Images of Stencil Concrete Driveways Melbourne:   From $135 per sqm

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Stencil concrete is achieved by laying a pre cut paper stencil into freshly placed concrete. The paper stencil is the same as the chosen pattern and protects the concrete from being stained by the premixed colour hardener. Once the chosen pattern and border paper (stencil) are laid the concrete area is coated with two coats of premixed colour hardener. The premix colour hardener is given a textured finish. The paper stencil is then removed leaving stencil concrete. The natural concrete becomes the mortar course and forms the chosen pattern. The decorative stencil concrete is then washed, crack control joints are cut and two coats of concrete sealer are then applied giving you the natural look of prestige paving with the combined structural strength of reinforced concrete.

  • Over 20 soft natural colours to choose from or combine.
  • Many decorative patterns, including borders and rosettes.
  • Ask us about our slate finished stencil concrete.

Stenciled concrete gives you a prestige rustic style paved, tiled, cobble, brick look and will add real value and elegance to any project.

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