Concrete Styles

Although there are many styles of concrete here are some examples of combining decorative concretes.

Coloured concrete can have contrasting stenciled (eg. brick, borders and rosettes etc.) added to lift the overall appearance.

Slate Look concrete can have borders and rosettes added, it can be stamped in numerous patterns even a new seamless texture only pattern is now available.

Stenciled concrete can have vast choices of borders, rosettes and patterns. It can also be slate rolled to give the entire surface and each individual (brick, tiles, cobblestone) within the area a Slate Look textured finish.

Exposed aggregate concrete can have a paver or brick laid as a border or across the area to create the look of individual areas.

Spray on paving offers you a mix of patterns and colours that is only limited by your imagination. Patterns and colours can be mixed and matched to suit any situation even company logos can be reproduced.

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