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Prestige Pattern Paving
The Experts In Spray On Paving

Spray on paving is a decorative coating applied over already exisiting concrete. Spray-on paving is designed to last the life of the existing concrete. Spray on paving is a form of stenciling, although it can be done without a pattern, mostly it is achieved by acid etching and washing the existing concrete. A primer is then applied followed by the chosen pattern and border being laid. The spray on paving (chosen colours) is then applied by means of a gravity air fed hopper gun. The stencil is removed and the existing grey concrete forms the mortar course of the chosen pattern. The area is cleaned and mechanically blown over. Two coats of concrete sealer are then applied over the area transforming the existing concrete into a decorative area. Spray on paving has the ability to turn plain concrete into a decorative area taking on the look of pavers, bricks, tiles etc.

  • Over 20 soft natural colours to choose from or combine.
  • Many decorative patterns, including borders and rosettes.

So why not add value and appearance to your drab concrete with a prestige spray on face lift?

Spray On Concrete 1 Spray On Concrete 2 Spray On Concrete 3 Spray On Concrete 4 Spray On Concrete Stairs Spray On Concrete Spray On Concrete Spray On Concrete
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