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Exposed Aggregate Concerte,Stencil Concrete,Slate Impressions Concrete,Spray On Concrete Driveways and Entertaining areas.. Whenever the need for a concrete paved area exists, the opportunity to apply a decorative finish to the concrete is presented. Whether it be a driveway, BBQ, patio, entertaining area, carport, carpark or simply a pathway, exposed aggregate concrete, stencil concrete, slate impressions concrete are simply a modern decorative finish to the concrete itself, and they are designed to beautify and last the life of the concrete.

Even if you already have existing concrete in good condition we can apply a spray on paving to beautify the area, without altering the finished levels of the concrete any more than 5mm.

I invite you to browse my site; I am sure you will find it informative. I hope it helps you to decide the style of decorative concrete that suits your project.

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David Clarke.          Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveways ,Slate Impressions Driveways ,          Stencil Concrete Driveways

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